Pops Magnetic Glasses - What You Need to Know!

Pops magnetic pop-on pop-off glasses are the newest addition to the Roshambo Eyewear family! Crazy fun, super stylish, affordable, and endlessly customizable. Here's what you need to know about them:

  1. What are the Pops frames made of and are they safe? The magnets we use in our Pops frames and Pop Tops are absolutely safe! Our magnets are lightweight (under 1 gram) and do not produce any EMF. There could be roughly 1% of nickel included in the composition of the magnets, as this is very common with neodymium magnets. The composition of the magnets breaks down roughly as follows: 22% Nd (Neodymium) / 70% Fe (Iron) / 5% B (Boron) / 3% Dy (Dysprosium). if you have a nickel sensitivity that there could be around 1% of nickel included on the magnets as a coating.  The magnets will not affect eyesight, nor do they interfere with pacemakers. The frame and Pop Tops are made from Polycarbonate and Thermoplastic coatings. The internal metal wire material is Zinc and Copper-Nickel alloy. Nickel sensitivities should be considered when using this product.
  2. Are Pops made of the same material as your Roshambo flexible frames? These are NOT made with our famous flexible rubberized material. These will NOT bend in half. We do NOT claim these are "virtually unbreakable." These do NOT come with our regular damage replacement warranty. These are much more like a "regular" pair of frames you would find at the optometrist's office. They ARE made with a high quality wire frame that allows for customizing the fit on the temple (the arm pieces that sits on the ears), and covered with a soft, comfortable matte rubber finish. This frame is made in Taiwan (all of our other frames are made in Italy). We tried to make them in Italy, but the magnetic inserts are not something our flexible line manufacturer could provide.
  3. What is the warranty for Pops if they break? If your frames break due to any kind of manufacturing defect, we will of course replace them at no cost! However, because Pops are a more traditional wire frame product, they are NOT covered by a full damage replacement  guarantee like our traditional flexible frames. However, we understand breaking your glasses is the worst so we want to help!! For a small fee, we are happy to replace your glasses for you if they break within one year of purchase. For a $30 replacement fee (plus standard shipping) we will replace the base frame for you within one year of purchase (we reserve the right to request proof of damage). This limited damage replacement offer does not apply to Pop Tops or Sun Tops. We would love to offer a full damage replacement, but as a small family business trying to keep costs as low as we possibly can for our customers, we need a little help covering replacement costs. Please email helpme@roshambo.com to start a warranty claim or ask any questions.
  4. What do I get with my Pops order? You get a pair of high fashion frames with your custom made prescription lenses, a carrying case, a polishing sleeve, slip grip ear adjusters, AND a Pop Top of your choice! That's right, unlike our major competitor, the first Pop Top is included! If you are considering another magnetic frame brand, do yourself a favor and compare their cost to ours after you add your first clip on to the order! I think you will find we are a better deal :) For a small additional fee, you can choose to add a polarized sunglasses top as well, which will turn your glasses into prescription sunglasses with one quick "pop!" Featuring an embedded magnet right in the frame, your child will be able to 'Add a Pop' of any Sun Top polarized sunglasses frame pattern they want and snap them right onto their glasses.  Just want to add some personality to your frames? Add as many additional Pop Tops to your order to have a different look for every day of the week!
  5. What size are the Pops available in and what faces will they fit? Our youth size fits kids and tweens ages 6-12 years, depending on your child's head size. The fit is roughly the same as our "junior" size frames. To be sure the fit is correct, we highly recommend using our Home Try On Kits before ordering!! It is fast and fun! Remember, we make every pair of our prescription glasses custom, so there are no returns or exchanges for incorrect size!! We are hoping to add an adult size fame to the Pops line in the future if these are as a big of a hit as we think they might be!
Aug 2, 2023

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