Can I order just the prescription lenses?

Yes, we can offer you a new prescription lens set without requiring the purchase of a new frame.
While we don't have that option available on our site at this time, we can offer this workaround:
Please purchase the new prescription pair on our site so that you can select the size, lens style and upload a copy of the prescription.
If it is the same prescription and you don't have a copy of it handy, please leave us a note that you'd like us to use the prescription on file with your previous order #.
Then reply to your new order confirmation email specifying the order is for lenses-only and asking us to apply a refund for the value of the frames ($20-30). We'll be able to take care of that for you right away! When ordering just prescription lenses, we highly recommend you take them into your own optician to check that they are correctly set into your frames. Roshambo is not responsible for any vision distortion that might be caused by incorrectly set lenses.

Jul 27, 2023

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