What's up with the "swappable" frames/lenses thing?

Our material is pretty darn unique in the optometry industry. Because it is so flexible and durable, with a little effort twisting at the right angle, you can pop out your new prescription lens pretty easily and put it into one of our other frames! Now, we do not recommend swapping out your lenses frequently, especially if you have a prescription that is not a simple one. We particularly do not suggest swapping out the lenses regularly in the "Malibu Sands" round shape frame, as the potential for user error is higher with those lenses (they look the same, much easier to tell with the wayfarer "Bayside" shape!). Lenses need to be set into the frames correctly to get the correct effect. We highly recommend having an optician check the glasses to make sure they are set correctly before use, particularly the first time you try it at home. That said, if you are confident that you can reliably set the lenses into your frame, you can order as many other frame colors you want (in the same size!) and you can have a set of glasses for every outfit or mood! WATCH VIDEO

Jul 27, 2023

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