Can I return my prescription glasses if I am not satisfied?

We guarantee the quality of the frames and the accuracy of the prescription matching your provided documentation. If the frames are damaged in any way, or become damaged during the normal course of use, our standard replacement guarantee will cover them. If you feel the lenses do not match your prescription, you can send them back at our shipping cost (US only!) and we will make them right. Please note, if your prescription has changed and is different from the document you submitted to us, we cannot be responsible for that correction. It is up to you to make sure the prescription you submit is up to date. If you are not satisfied with the feel/fit of the glasses, we can refund the frames after they are returned to us, but unfortunately, not the corrective lenses as those are custom made for each order.

Please note: for the best fit in prescription eyewear, we highly recommend that you still visit your optometrist to have custom fitted eyewear and lenses. We make no representations or warranties as to the fit and feel of the eyewear – each face is different! If you have particular bifocal needs, this may not be a great product for you. We also recommend that you visit an optician or optometrist to test the fit of your new glasses after purchase – they may be able to make slight adjustments that can help the fit and usefulness of the product.

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