Are there any warranties on the prescription lenses?

We guarantee that the prescription glasses you receive will match the prescription you send us, or we will fix it free of charge. It's never a bad idea to have your new prescription glasses checked by your local optician for accuracy, especially for babies and little ones who can't self report an issue. Most opticians will be happy to check for free! We have an outstanding accuracy record and will of course fix any issue immediately, but peace of mind is worth the time!

We offer a full damage replacement guarantee if your frames break or get damaged in the first year of their use. Simply email us to claim your warranty at

Our transition and tinted/polarized prescription lenses come standard with our 1-year, 1-time scratch replacement warranty. Our clear prescription lenses do not automatically come with a scratch replacement warranty, but it is available for purchase! When you are purchasing your glasses you will see a few add-ons available to help you build your perfect prescription.

Scratch Warranty includes: one set of replacement lenses using the same prescription as the original order, when claimed within one year of order date. Does not apply to lost pairs, as damaged lenses must be returned to us with prepaid label once replacement lenses are received. Simply email us to claim your warranty at

Most kid glasses frames should ship within 7-10 business days (often faster!). We can fill most prescriptions, but if for some reason we can't fill yours, we will let you know and issue you a full refund.

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